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ela moyal

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At St. Joost art & design academy in the Netherlands, we were given the task of designing an experience with the help of three huge helium balloons. We wandered around the old monastery building we studied in, a large stone structure that has been planted there for several centuries... "Let's make the school fly!" Said Koon, one of my teammates. In a quick look around, I noticed a weathercock standing on top of the monastery, I suggested that we "simply" add wings to it! We calculated, measured, cut and glued until we created new, sparkling white and golden wings. To the "mission impossible" soundtrack we tied ropes, the balloons raised the wings up and from there we started a series of maneuvers, pulling from all directions. Every little breeze was an obstacle, but together, with maximum concentration of all participants, finally, the wings settled in place. Mission Accomplished! We released the balloons and jumped with joy celebrating with winners’ champagne.


While studying spatial communication and interior architecture, I flourished and knew I had found my destiny. The combination of space and art has always fascinated me, the ability to breathe life into the space we live in and within us. I did an internship in exhibition design in Amsterdam, worked at a landscape architecture office in the Netherlands and later in Israel.


When I receive a new project, I approach it with free and curious eyes, examine all the details of the existing elements and learn the exact design language for the space. I am fascinated by how people experience their environment in ways beyond purposeful function. I am interested in the emotions, social, cultural and imaginary nuances around us. I like to collaborate with experts from different fields like a historian, an agronomist, archeologist or a sculptoror.


For the past 11 years I have been working with talented teams and independently on a wide range of projects, from a large scale to the smallest details. Dozens of parks, city centers, promenades, environmental elements, graphic designs in the space, concept development, 3D studies, visualizations and plans. Among other things, I have also designed exhibitions, private homes, a community garden and a fruitful and successful food forest, where I have also been an active partner in different social activities for the past 5 years. I have a natural attraction to planning in open spaces, to create a place to take a break, while striving for balance, harmony and ecological thinking.


Curious to enter a new collaborative work and together we will grow wings for your project


2021-now Sustainable gardening | Ministry of Agriculture | israel  

2020 Permaculture Design course | Adama – Clil Ecologic village| israel ​

2019-now spatial designer at ela design studio | israel

2018 Transition Towns course to promote community organizing to create sustainable local change | israel

2016 Food Forest course | Kidron | israel

2015-2019 landscape architecture and design at Moria Sekely landscape & architecture | israel

2011-2013 lecturer at AKV|St.Joost art and design academy | netherlands

2009-2015 landscape designer at MTD landscape architects | netherlands

2008-2009 B.Des interior architecture at AKV|St.Joost art and design academy | netherlands

2007 exhibition and interior designer at KOSSMANN.DEJONG exhibition architects | netherlands

2004-2008 B.Des spatial communication design at AKV|St.Joost art and design academy | netherlands

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